About Us

What do you get when you cross philanthropy and fashion? Seems like question, to be answered in an Ethics and Values philosophy course, however The Equation breaks it down into a simple math problem. Creating TheEquation a unique clothing line birthed out of the city of Los Angeles. The eclectic line of tee shirts, sweaters, hats and beanies are more than just clothes to be worn. The Equation is simply broken down into two variables; being able to develop as an individual, and bringing people together to make a positive impact in and outside of their communities. How exactly is The Equation doing its part? The Equation recently teamed up with Hollygrove Children and Family Services to host a toy drive giving underprivileged children toys and other necessities needed during this holiday season. Plans are already in the works for The Equation to affiliate itself with a host of community programs ranging from schools to homeless outreach programs relentlessly spreading the message of equality, and community involvement, one area at a time. The Equation is rapidly gaining recognition for its involvement in community efforts as The Equation wants to do more than contribute to great causes but roll up his sleeves and get dirty for what he believes in. Whether it be setting up annual events to give back to the community to raise funds to purchase books for students or setting up activities at the local neighborhood parks. The focus for The Equation couldn’t be any clearer. “Individually we are equal to none, together we are the equation.